V. Karydis, Mixed flows and Human Rights: The experience of the Greek Ombudsman


Τεύχος 1-2/2014, Ιανουάριος-Δεκέμβριος


Θεματολογία νέων άρθρων;

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VASSILIS KARYDIS, Professor, University of Peloponnese, Deputy Greek Ombudsman for Human Rights I. Introduction The so- called “mixed flows” of immigration are referring to movements of people without legal documents, including aliens in need of international protection according to international humanitarian law as well as economic or other migrants. I would also like to submit that I prefer to use the term “irregular” instead of “illegal immigration”, because I find it more neutral, with much less negative connotations and finally more precise. This is also the case in recent years for most of the international organizations and NGO which are active in the field, as recently the UN Commissioner Niels Muzniecks pointed out. The Greek Ombudsman is an Independent Authority with constitutional status, established in 1998. According to its founding law, the mission of the Authority is to mediate between persons and the state and public authorities in order to protect human rights, to combat maladministration and to safeguard legality. In 2003, the Greek Ombudsman acquired special mandate for the protection of Children Rights, while in 2005 the Authority was designated as the Specialized Equality Body for the implementation of the principle of equal treatment in the public sector. Recently, with...

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