M. Stavropoulou, International protection in Greece: The new Greek Asylum Service


Τεύχος 1-2/2014, Ιανουάριος-Δεκέμβριος


Θεματολογία νέων άρθρων;

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MARIA STAVROPOULOU, Director of the Greek Asylum Service I. Introduction Establishing a “fair and efficient” asylum system is an integral part of a modern and comprehensive management policy of migration flows. In Europe, as well as in other parts of the world (North America, South Africa, Middle East, etc.), many nationals from other countries arrive intending to stay for a short period of time, having fled their country either because their life, their physical integrity or safety are in danger there, or because they want to improve their financial situation and in general their living conditions. In the first case, the countries they come to have specific obligations to provide them with “international protection” - if they have signed the relevant international treaties-, while in the second case, the countries do not have the obligation to accept them. The obligations for providing international protection derive from international conventions, European Directives, and national rules [1] which in their turn reflect and integrate ancient values regarding the protection of the “foreigner” from danger. Greece has been a country of origin of refugees and migrants for many decades. During the last twenty years Greece has been turned into a country of destination and...

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