I. Tentes, National Anti Corruption Coordinator: The Greek answer against the corruption challenge


Τεύχος 1-2/2014, Ιανουάριος-Δεκέμβριος


Θεματολογία νέων άρθρων;

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IOANNIS TENTES, Honorary Prosecutor of the High Court of Justice, National Coordinator against Corruption Corruption constitutes a timeless and generalized phenomenon; an unhealthy phenomenon with multiple and severe consequences. Corruption wears down institutions; it is a danger to democracy, it causes inequalities and it affects the human rights. Furthermore, corruption deprives public resources, causes distortion to the competition and prevents economic growth. Corruption is a complicated phenomenon. For that reason the reaction to it should be complex, multilevel and systematic. In other words, confrontation of corruption should have the characteristics of a strategy. The Greek systematic answer to the above was the recently establishment of the National Anti Corruption Coordinator. First of all, let me explain to you the mission of this institution and describe its responsibilities and characteristics. Its first and most important responsibility is the formation of the National Strategy for the prevention and suppression of corruption phenomena. Its second responsibility is the monitoring of the appropriate strategy’s implementation by the public services and the rest stakeholders involved in its implementation as well as the evaluation of this implementation. Finally, the National Coordinator is responsible for coordinating the actions of all entities involved in the fight against corruption such...

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