K. Panagiotopoulos, Combating corruption


Τεύχος 1-2/2014, Ιανουάριος-Δεκέμβριος


Θεματολογία νέων άρθρων;

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Brigadier General KONSTANTINOS PANAGIOTOPOULOS, Head of the Directorate of Management & Strategy for Home Affairs, Ministry of Public Order & Citizen Protection Corruption is a deeply anti-social behaviour that undermines the democratic institutions, jeopardizes the economic development and the rule of law. The importance of combating corruption demonstrated by the fact of dealing with the multitude of leading international organizations such as the the European Union, the Council of Europe, United Nations, the G8, the OECD Financial Action Task Force, INTERPOL. The phenomenon of corruption refers to large or small countries, to rich or poor. But we must recognize that the results are catastrophic for the economies of those countries that are underdeveloped or under development. The real problem of fighting corruption seems to lie rather in the individuals culture, the administration structure and the application of the relevant laws which refers to prevention, investigation, prosecution and adjudication of corruption cases. Combating corruption requires: 1. Decision to combat 2. Determination 3. Doctrine of “zero tolerance” 4. Prosecution culture of corruption phenomena, regardless of the typology («small corruption» (petty corruption) or connected to organized crime) 5. To overcome the culture of concealment and wrong meaning of faith 6. Strong legislative framework...

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