C.-G. Stănescu, «Farewell but I am staying with you». Romania’s hydrocarbon romance


Τεύχος 3/2020, Ιούλιος - Αύγουστος - Σεπτέμβριος 2020

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«Farewell, but I am staying with you». Romania’s hydrocarbon romance Cătălin-Gabriel Stănescu , Assistant Professor & Marie Curie Fellow at Centre for Market and Economic Law, University of Copenhagen Romania is following the new trend of concern for climate change and environmental protection and is taking steps towards the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources (RES). However, the path to sustainability goals is a long one, even if Romania has reached in 2014 its 2020 target for renewable energy production. In my opinion, a number of factors indicate that its romance with hydrocarbons is not yet over. Thus, the reasons and attempts to shift towards renewables, mostly due to international agreements and EU law and policies targeting pollution and climate change are counter-balanced by strategic and economic considerations stemming from local circumstances.This paper is structured in four parts. The first provides the reader with a necessary background vis-à-vis the role played by hydrocarbons in Romania’s history and economic development. The second addresses the reasons for which Romania is likely to continue its transition towards a low-carbon economy. The third presents the reasons for which energy transition efforts might be either slowed or hindered. The last section concludes. I....

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